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Integrated Sperm Chemistry Analyzer

Windows PC required

The System

Computer Assisted Semen Analysis System utilizes modern computer and advanced image processing techniques for clinical test of sperm motility, quality, morphology, vitality, DNA fragmentation, HOS and nuclear protein.

Based on the sperm test standards of the WHO 5th criteria (2010), the system can analyze the characteristic of sperm comprehensively through image processing of sperms. The system analyzes these values and generates accurate parameters to reflect sperms’ quality. The whole procedure is fast and provides several important information that are vital to present scientific basis for the male reproductive ability.

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SpermoLyzer Software

SpermoLyzer software is able to automatically add appropriate comments according to the patient results.

SpermoLyzer software has the ability to generate accustom reports like Urine, Stool, CBC and Bone marrow with any captured image using the system digital camera and microscope.
SpermoLyzer software allows the user to record and print the manual test result of semen.
Working also on Tablet PC by Wi-Fi connection.

Ready to use Reagents

The following kits and solutions are available:

SpermoLyzer (Smart CASA System):

DNA fragmentation Test, Sperm Vitality Test, Sperm Dynamic Test, Sperm Morphology Test, HOS test.

Sperm Function Test Kit:

Sperm Morphology Kit, Viscosity Reagnent Kit, Sperm Fructose Kit, Sperm Vitality Kit; Sperm pH Strips, Sperm HOS reagent Kit.

Andrology Solution Kit:

Zink determination Kits, Nuclear protein assessment Kits, Antisperm antibody (IgG & IgA) Reagent Kits, Alpha–Glycosidase Kits, Leukocytes Confirmation Kits, DNA fragmentation reagent Kit.

Semen processing solutions:

Non- Spermicidal semen collection pouch, IUI Catheter, Medium for sperm Swim down technique, Medium for sperm Swim up technique.